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Missing spring above ptfe coupler on Ultimaker 2+

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Hi all,

I've been having awful results with my Ultimaker 2+ for some time now. Basically any large prints are a guaranteed fail, with either supports not being printed at all due to under extrusion, severe warping of bases, stringiness, clogging, etc. Every time I fix one thing, something else happens. It's been an incredible time suck trying to narrow down the problems. I bought Simplify3D in an attempt to get more stability, but to no avail. I've come to accept it as a printer that gives very limited successful results. It was fine initially, but it's been a long time now since I can honestly say I've managed to print something 100% successfully on it. Hugely frustrating experience. I'm prepared to tinker a bit, and have been doing just that, but this does seem to require an unreasonable amount.

Anyway, this last time I took the hot end apart to clean out plastic which had clogged up inside it, and when putting it back together again noticed that I didn't have a spring above the coupler. Is this something I should have on my Ultimaker 2+? Or was this just on the Ultimaker 2? I may have lost it during disassembly, but I'm not sure.

I've ordered a whole new hot end pack from 3dbgire.com, which seems to come with a spring... but it DOES say it's for an Ultimaker 2. Am I correct in assuming it's the correct pack to get for the Ultimaker 2+? I.e that they share the same spare parts?

Appreciate the advice!


P.s I haven't been posting any of my problems up here as I've been trying to learn from experience first before bothering everyone. That might end soon! :)

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The UM2+ should not have a spring above the TFM coupler (yes it is a new material compared to the UM2), it should instead have a rigid aluminium spacer that looks like this.



Ah great, thanks for that! Appreciate the help. So am I correct in assuming this is the incorrect pack to get for an Ultimaker 2+? http://www.3dgbire.ie/product/ultimaker-2-hot-end-pack-out-of-stock/

I can't seem to find anywhere else that sells 2+ specific equipment. Or is that the only difference between the two?

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Ah, I was wondering, my TFM coupler looked in great condition after 650 hours of printing. Unfortunately, I'm in Ireland and the only reseller even remotely close is the one in the UK called 3dgbire and their heaterblock is something I'm no longer sure I should get from them. It calls it an Ultimaker 2 nozzle and heaterblock, and now I'm not sure if that's the same as the one for the um2+

Or is that part common to both printers?

Sorry about all of the questions! I really appreciate the help!


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@Sforsyth: Just drop 3DGBIRE a email and request the parts you want, they will be able to supply them.

The hotend consists of:

#2283 - Heater Cartridge 35W

#2288 - PT100B sensor

#2278 - TFM Coupler

#2275 - Isolator Spacer

#1310 - Hot end Isolator (the stainless part that sits under the spacer)

#2311 - Olsson Block

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