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UMO Ulticontroller no longer recognizes SDcard

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As the title says. Just now, my Ulticontroller stopped recognizing my SD card. The card is still readable on my PC. Did a Win disk error check that came up clean.

Recently, I have had to reboot the UM after I plugged in the SD card in because the LCD would scramble. This happened a few times in the last week. Happened tonight. Now it behaves as id a card is not inserted when there is one. Until recently it had been working flawlessly.

I tried to gently flex the little spring fingers on the socket for better contact with the pads on the card. Cleaned the SD card copper pads with a pencil eraser . No luck so far.

Are there any common failure modes for the SD card socket?

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot the issue. Repair ideas?

I think I'm going to be looking for a replacement. Anyone have one to spare. I don 't think I'll have much luck getting one from UM at this point. Can anyone recommend a 3rd party developed one. I can't bear to run the machine without a card reader.

Thanks all

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Sounds like the card detection mechanism itself might be defective. If you have a multimeter, check continuity between common and this pin (with the card both inserted and removed from the slot):


If there's no difference between the two, I'd say the SD card slot itself is telling you it wants to retire from service and have someone else do the work.

Correct function would be open circuit with card ejected, closed circuit with card inserted.


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