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Filament Grinding UM3

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I've had three prints fail due to filament grinding recently. Is the advice here http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide#grinding

about the UM2 applicable to the UM3 as well? I believe the UM3 has a hex on the top as well.

Anyone else had grinding problems?

Everything's going fine, then all of a sudden the printer makes a loud distress beeping sound, moves very slowly, seems to get off its rhythm and starts air printing with no filament out of the nozzle.


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Is this with Cura? Because exactly that happens with the not finished s3d profile while using single core and using multiple processes.

About thr hex screw, yeah the level indicator on the feeder shows the tension. All the way down is maximum pressure and all the way up is loose. I prefer something in between yop and middle, but depends on your filament.

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The quality profiles from Cura 2.3 should work very reliably with the UM3 and UM PLA. Did you use the so called "recommended" mode (in slightly older version it was called "simple mode")?

What's the history of your printer? Have you had an incident where the printer has been "air printing" for a long time? In that case your hot end might be clogged, and you have to clean it (see UM website for instructions).

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