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Filiment all tied up

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My last post my filament un-rolled like a garden hose,

Now I am having problems with the filament getting knotted up.

I have a half empty roll that will not stay un-tangled, I tried a new roll of PLA,

and it tied up in a knot. The new roll went on fine, Added the material to the printer,

then after it starts to print the filament roll looses up, you can hear it unravel, then parts of it pops off the real, then ties into a knot.

Will any of the hacks where they rotate the roll 90deg fix my problem.





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I feel your pain!

I had a roll of Ultimaker Silver PLA (newer stuff) do the exact some thing. It was bound up bad inside the roll a few layers.

Overnight I had a roll of Colorfabb nGen filament do the exact same thing. I have filament guides that seem to help gently unfurl some snags. However this one was inside the roll and tore off the filament guides !

In the nGen case, I had to unfurl a couple feet of tangles and clip them off.

And in moth instances these were new rolls that had only done 2 or 3 small (4 hour) prints. So not the beginning of the roll but a few feet into them.

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I'd say... just unroll untill your roll appears clear... then either re-roll... or snip it off and try rolling the difficult bit onto an empty roll... if you have the time.

And yes... a lot of the time you will twist the entire roll whilst re-winding... It's really a question of feeling the tension and rolling as relaxed as possible (no twists).

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