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Excruder is malfunctioning

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Two weeks in, and not many prints to show. I have over 8 hours in trouble shooting. My machine is a 3 and won't excruder properly. So no starting any project until this is worked out. One head is toast....I guess I will buy another? I am not sure how to even explain the issue. It started with a clog, and now won't allow a print. I have cleaned all heads, and have rebooted so many times. Why is my 200$ printer more reliable? I have been pumping out piece after piece with few issues. This one has a good resolution, but seems to be a lemon next to my 200 dollar cheaply? Wow new customer, not so impressed.

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Hi and welcome to the community.

Just to let you know i deleted the second post on this issue (no need to have answers on two differents posts).

Regarding your issues, could you be more specific?

What are your printing parameters? Your filament?

I see that you clogged on of the cores... have you tried to clean it (atomic method?)

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Are you near Boston Mass? You could bring the printer by my house if you are.

If you really did ruin a core I'd be happy to buy it off you - I have parts to repair cores and all the USA stores seem to be sold out of cores right now.

Please post more details. There are so many things that can go wrong and I have no hints about your specific problems.

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