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Outer Shell Cracking!

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Salutations :)

Why does the outer shell splinting? What I am talking about is when a layer does not adhere to the previous layer, causing a gap (warping) between layers on the shell. This is not warping from the build table but after several (>200) layers has been printed. Like on one model was 128mm an another was only about 55mm tall when the warp happened. This warping seems to be random. Also as more layers are added the gap seems to grow. I have seen this with PLA,Nylon an ABS filament.

Any clues on why this is happening?

Rocket Nut

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Hi @RocketNut,

Thank you for your post!

Usually a photo really helps when you are describing a problem.

Without a photo, I have to interpret your interpretations of a certain issue, and from experience I have learned that does not always mean we are on the same page ;)

I think you are talking about delamination, which usually happens with ABS.

ABS has the tendency to shrink when it cools down, more than other materials. Usually this results in warping, when the hot layers that cool down shrink, they force pull in the bottom layers.

Except.... when the individual bonding among layers is weak and it pulls apart the layers. You could try to avoid this by closing off your 3D printer (what brand do you have?, you can update your user profile with this type of information), print slower and a little bit hotter. This should ensure better layer bonding.

Good luck!

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Sorry for the delay. Whats the setting so I get an email notice when a reply has been post to my posts?

I am using a Creality 3D® CR-10 printer.

This delamination (please see attached screen shot) was with PLA filament.

As for ABS I am still tiring (newbe status) different settings to find out what will be the best. I am also using ABS to learn how to print with carbon fiber filament, which is needed for this model hes the required proper strength.

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If you click your name in the top right corner, go to settings and notifications.

While you are at it, you can also have a look at forums, and see if you want to customize the way the forums is presented to you.

PLA usually shouldn't warp or delaminate, or veeeeery minimal. Have you tried increasing the temperature? Turn off the fan? Are you sure it is PLA?

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The reel says it PLA. I will try a higher temp with my next print, along with turning off the fan.

As for ABS and Carbon Fiber filament some one suggested I enclose my printer. I live in a very small apt, so I don't have the room nor the equipment to build the enclosure. Any suggestions on how to print ABS an Carbon Fiber with out the enclosure?

I notice my previous post does show my screen shot! Did it appear when you read it?

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The point of enclosing is to keep the heath in and preventing any draft entering your printer. So some cardboard boards or even a plastic (garbage?) bag could do the trick! (it won't look fancy, but we got to prioritize right? ;))

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