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The LCD on one of my UMO's Ulticontroller has a lightbleed.


Searching for a replacement

and found out it's a Displaytech 204A-CC-BC-3LP. Problem is I cannot find any seller

that will ship to the US. Any lead where I can buy the LCD or if there is an alternative

one that will work.

Looking at this one as an alternative. Would it work?


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Thanks for the response. Although I was hoping to get something similar to the

original LCD's size so I still can use the Ulticontroller's parts/enclosure.

But it's also great to know that there's a good alternative that I can use. Just need to design and print a custom enclosure.

Thanks also for the firmware link. My UMO pretty much has the stock firmware AFAIK, but just to be safe, how can I find out it's current settings. Kinda new to this and threading very carefully, lest I make a mistake and ruin the board.

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for the enclosure, check this: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/stand-holder-for-the-full-graphic-smart-controller

You won't loose any settings using my firmware, it is exactly the same as the Ultimaker one, except for the controller (unless you select any other fancy option ;))


So I dont need to change any setting on that link and  just download the firmware and apply it? Sounds simple enough. Thanks so much for the info and for the link for the enclosure.

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Purchase it and will be printing the case. If this works well, I might

do the same for the other UMO.

Thanks again for the help especially for the very visual and thorough explanation.


Received the lcd board controller and have customized the firmware. Currently printing the case and accessories. Please excuse my noobiness, but what exactly are the steps in connecting the controller to the UMO and how do I apply the firmware.

Thanks Amedee!!!

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For the connection it is relatively straightforward...

There is a picture in this old thread -- the only caveat is that some users have reported that the notch on the connector could be on the wrong side. Mine had no such issue.

For uploading the firmware, use Cura.

For the Legacy Cura (15.xx) it is Machine / Install Custom Firmware.

With the newer one (2.3.1) do Settings / Printer / Manage Printers / Upgrade Firmware / Upload custom Firmware

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The reprap smart controller works without firmware changes on the UMO. As it follows the same design.


Actually this reminds me something worth mentioning...

Both reprap controllers (smart and full graphics) have a 'kill' button. Do NOT use this button on the UMO as it generates a short circuit (and you might kill more things than expected :O ). On my full graphics case I glued the button!

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I would like to know if you get a https://folgertech.com/products/reprap-ramps1-4-2004-lcd-display-controller-with-adapter-mendel-prusa-3d-printer-1

would it still work as I have bought one and attached it to my umo and it does not display anything and makes a continues beep and flashing screen. I have tried to upload the firmware as said but does not seem to do anything ? the same thing? should I try the larger screen ?

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