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Why won't you work dammit!!!???

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Hi there. I have been using Cura 15.04.06 and it works very well. Despite it not having quite as many options as slic3er i find that its slicing algorithm is a lot more intelligent and as such seems to produce better prints.

I have been trying to use the newer, more feature filled version for some time now but whenever i try it doesn't work. It is very slow in terms of the rendering of the model and when i try to load a model through the file select it fails to load the file system at all, it just hangs forever.

I can get a model into the software by dragging it on but it fails to slice it and just hangs on 'preparing model'.

so all in all the software is unusable which is incredibly frustrating because i use cura all the time and just want to be able to use its big brother!

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Do i just need a new darn computer to get this software running? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,


Running on an imac 2.9 ghz with 8gb ram, os x 10.8.5

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As a fellow Mac user: I have been weary about upgrading to newer versions of Cura. Actually I believe I might still be running 15.04.03. Upgrades always came with improvements and drawbacks, so I decided to not fix whats not broken.

I added and customized a Pronterface printing interface and tweaked a few things, but that's all. What I am trying to say: It is not Mac related. It takes a bit of patience to find a Cura version that works well for your set-up. Give upgrades a try, but if they don't work for you, they just don't. Stick to what works.



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