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OK I screwed up :(

I was playing around with the Shell settings. I turn on the Wall Count just to see what it was. Then I turn it back to hidden setting. Now I can not change the Wall Thickness'

So the question is how do I get turn back on?


Rocket Nut

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    The "Wall Thickness" setting got disabled because it was overridden by the value you entered in "Wall Line Count". Just because you hid the "Wall Line Count", it does not mean this value has gone away (it is like sweeping the value under the carpet; it is still there).

    If you press the "revert arrow", this removes the absolute value and reverts back to the value that is calculated from the "parent" setting.

    To make you understand, keep both the "Wall Line Count" and the "Wall Thickness" visible. Now change the "Wall Thickness" value and you should see the "Wall Line Count" value update automatically. The latter is calculated from the former.

    When there are nested settings, CuraEngine always only uses the last setting in the branch. The parent settings are mostly convenience settings; it is often easier to think in millimeters than in the number of perimeters and calculate that back from the line width.

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