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Removal of PLA support structures from Cura print

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Hi everyone,

I usually use Simplify 3D for the amazingly easy to remove supports, but sadly I'm finding that S3D is just not well calibrated for the UM3.

When I want to use support in Cura, it doesn't seem to matter how much distance (horizontal or vertical) I place between the support and my model.  It usually comes out in such a way that I'm not able to remove the supports, and have to throw away my print.

Does anyone have experience tweaking the cura settings to make the supports very easy to remove (like in S3D).

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Maybe you can show some pictures of what you mean.

Have you tried the default profiles in Cura? They work very good for most models, there should be no need to tweak advanced settings like horizontal and vertical distances.


The post name was a mistake on my part - I meant PLA when I said PVA. I must have been tired. Anyway, I'm having trouble removing PLA support from my prints - they tend to stick to the base.

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