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Cura software silent install unsigned driver problem

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I'm trying to silent install Cura but a box asking to install an unsigned driver pops up preventing it finishing.

So I need to know:

1. what the driver is (I assume from the manual install it's an arduino driver but I can't find anymore details other than 'arduino drivers')

2. where I can find said driver to install manually before installing Cura so as I can bypass the popup box

3. why the driver isn't signed in the first place.

If anyone can help that would be much appreciated!

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It's the arduino USB driver and it's needed to communicate with USB cable between a computer and the arduino inside an Ultimaker printer.

pre-installing won't help as the installer does not check to see if it's already installed. There may be a switch to skip over that option but I strongly doubt it. This is not a built in NSIS feature and someone at UM would have had to add that option. Although it's possible. A better solution might be to create your own installer or modify the existing one. I believe everything is open source including the .nsi file that creates the installer.

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When Installing Cura, just uncheck the Install Arduino Drivers on the 'Choose Components' window in Setup.

If you need USB communications, then head over to the Arduino site: Arduino Software

And download the IDE, but when you go to install it you only need to check the Install USB Driver item and uncheck everything else.

Hope this helps.

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i'm trying to do a silent install of Cura too, and maybe you can help me.

I've tried setup.exe /S, but i have the dialog box for the CDM/FDTI Drivers.

I've tried to first install drivers, it seems to work, and then install cura, but i still have the dialog box for the drivers install.

How do you have proceed ?

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