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New UM2 EVERLAST nozzles with Ruby/Sapphire tests

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I have recently been testing some new " EVERLAST " nozzles with Ruby/Sapphire tips based on the "Matchless" nozzle for the UM2, so far my favourite is the 0.6mm it just flows so well.

The need to do an Atomic clean is greatly reduced only necessary if changing materiel type, so just a different colour of PLA no problem. The combination of the new nozzle and " Matchless" print head do not seem to hang on to filament at all - a really exciting step forward especially for abrasive materiels

I still find it very amusing that the Matchless nozzle gives a snake tongue look when a cold pull (atomic pull) is done !

This is a great step forward - more great work by @Swordriff, not sure when these are to be released ?

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st_le_brew how are you getting on with the matchless nozzles,, I take it your using the matchless block How you finding it,,

I got one last year but have not fitted it yet waiting to do the 2nd extruder mod then fit them both>>>

I think I got the first batch where you had to scrape the nozzle outlet???


Hi Bob,

I just love the Matchless block, its seems like it has a non slip interior (which I know it hasn't) but the need to do Atomic cleans just seems unnecessary, I am very pleased with it. I waited for a while after it was released before ordering it so mine, it seems absolutely fine - just thinking about the original UM print head seems like a piece of history now

I am also waiting for the 2nd extruder mod, I have several Olson blocks that I plan to use for that

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