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Not possible to change material flow per extruder

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I currently updated an UM3 to the latest stable firmware (3.6). I am not sure how it behaved in older versions, but I recognized, that it is not possible to change the material flow parameter for only one extruder. So if I change the value for extruder 1 it is automatically change for extruder 2 as well. I used the 'Tune' menu on the printer to change the value.

I don't think that this is the right/desired behavior. The flow might be different for different materials that are used in the same printing job. If it - why ever - is the right behavior I suggest to extract the setting from the 'Extruder 1/2' menu to a separated entry, because it suggests to be changeable per extruder and not in general.

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While it may not be available from the panel menu during the print job, flow control for each print core is available from within Cura (2.4 Final) when creating the gcode to send to the printer.  Not a good as real time adjustment, but better than nothing.

This is true. But, when you are using the dial to change temps and flows to make settings, it does mess things up a bit. :(

But, as you say, better than nothing. :)

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