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  1. XYZDesignPro


    Very elegant shape. What software did you use to design the hull?
  2. Yeah I know exactly what you meant my friend, I was just being a smart ass . . . Hope all of the participants on this forum had a happy and safe New Year celebration 🍸🍻
  3. Happy New Year kmanstudios. I think you meant it didn't (wouldn't) suck!!πŸ‘Ž
  4. XYZDesignPro

    US5 : material for "mechanical" part

    So, based on other comments I've seen on this forum, I'd say your outer diameters are about as good as you're going to get. I mean less than 1% error ( actually 0.7% ) is pretty acceptable in my world. Likewise, the height error is only 0.3%. Again, pretty much an acceptable variance in my world. The I.D. is somewhat adjustable using the "Horizontal Expansion" setting. This has been discussed elsewhere on this forum. I'm sure someone will more knowledge than I will jump in here at some point.
  5. XYZDesignPro

    US5 : material for "mechanical" part

    I would think CPE or any PETG filament would be fine. If the loads, as you say, are indeed all compression even PLA would be OK. As far as the long tubular parts are concerned, why not just use schedule 40 PVC pipe, or extruded aluminum tubing?
  6. XYZDesignPro

    How to increase density of support material

    Most of the settings for support are hidden by default. Support Density can be found if you check the box under the Preferences > Setting Visability Also be sure your Print Core 2 is well primed.
  7. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    I'm using the one you posted on 11-9 . CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v4-2018-11-07T20_26_08Z.curapackage Not the one from the Toolbox (Marketplace). What package am I supposed to be using?
  8. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    I installed 0.5.6, on Cura 3.4.1, but I saw no difference in the interface. I was expecting a dialog box allowing me to adjust the resolution, but it did not. Just acted the same as 0.5.5. The Plugin toolbox indicates the 0.5.6 is installed. Any suggestions?
  9. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    I have downloaded CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v4-2018-11-07T20_26_08Z.curapackage How do I go about installing it?
  10. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    The link takes you to the plugin for SCAD CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v4-2018-11-07T20_26_08Z.curapackage Help??
  11. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Got it. Thanks for all of your work on this Thomas. I may have an opportunity to test it out over the weekend.
  12. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Of the two, which one is the correct one to use with SWX 2018 running on Windows 10 Pro and Cura 3.4.1?
  13. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Thomas, Sorry for not jumping in here sooner. Had a project that had to get out by Monday. Where can I download 0.6.0 to try it?
  14. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Sorry Thomas. I don't understand the question. As you can see, changing the units has no bearing on the deviation value. What am I missing? That said, I really like the look of the UI . . .?
  15. XYZDesignPro

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Cool . . . ? I am still using Cura 3.4.1 because 3.5 .x was / is so broken. Will the new version be available through the Toolbox Plugin checker? Let me know if you're looking for a tester. I'm on Win10 Pro, SWX 2018.

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