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Completly new hot end for UMO ?

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Hey !

is there any completly new design with all necessary parts for construct the new hot end for Ultimaker Original , (first version of UM )?

Original hot end keeps cloging and i dont want every time disassemble it.

Bed thing is that i cant print any more, so I need complete kit for assemble.

I am using 3mm filament and it is 90% PLA in it.

Please can someone help me to decide what kit to buy ?

I see E3Dv6 have some problems printing PLA .

I found only these :



Is there any other SET that is OK for UMO ?

Please help :)

thanks !

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not the cheapest option.... but very nice...  and I guess if you have the old board you also need a PT100 amplifier board from E3D-online.


if you want to spend the time you can obviously source most needed parts elsewhere, like pt100, heater, block etc form 3dsolex.com, the aluminium parts in the head can be bought as spare-parts from an UM re-seller, or elsewhere online. I would advice against getting things like ptfe and olssonblock from a cheap china site....

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If you don't need to print hot (> 240°C), the UMO stock hot end is perfect and you should not change it.

If it constantly clogs, there is a problem either with the hot end itself (coupler, mount, ...) or with the slicer setup (retracting too high, in particular after print).

One thing though, it is very unlikely, but if you have a very old UMO (from the first batches, without Teflon coupler), that one is subject to clogs, and there is an upgrade kit...

For higher temps, the E3D is the most affordable one, but as you mention the 3mm version is not the best option for PLA (although mine works fine so far).

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