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Can I safely upgrade my UM2 to UM2+, and use Cura 2.5, but with firmware Vers:_15.04.5?

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As the title says really! I would appreciate any and all help.

Discussion of my firmware upgrade problems is here https://ultimaker.com/en/community/44827-cant-update-firmware-on-um2-i-think-ive-checked-all-the-obvious-stuff

Obviously that problem needs solving, but in the short term I need to crack on as I have orders to fulfill.



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Thanks guys, believe it or not I was actually aware of the stepper motor direction issue - however that's what I thought the G-Code mod was for! Clearly not.

OK, so can I safely install the new hot end, but wait until later for the feeder? Everything else, the heaters, the new thermocouple, everything at the hot end of the UM2+ upgrade kit will be OK with firmware Vers:_15.04.5?

Thanks again,


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