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Strange wall geometry following slice in Cura 2.5

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The plot thickens...

This is the Cura 2.4 gcode for the exact same part, viewed in the gcode viewer (in Cura 2.5). As you can see, the artefacts are there, but not as severe.

I also have the printed parts from this Cura 2.4 gcode, and they are flawless.

Guess I'll try printing with the Cura 2.5 gcode and see what happens. Maybe just a graphical thing?


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Hi, sorry I can't offer any help re the wacky outline that is your main problem but I just thought I would comment that 2.5 has a new feature which can be used to extend the surface skins further into infill which can produce a stronger part and also reduces the chances of holes remaining in the skin where it meets a feature that stands proud of the skin. So in your above image, if the extend skins into infill option is enabled, the large hole in the top skin would be smaller. Another advantage of doing this is that it may allow you to reduce the infill density or use fewer skin layers to achieve the same surface quality. Give it a try!

Finally, I find the zigzag infill pattern better at joining up with skin than the lines pattern because the ends of the zigs (or zags)! get connected and so there's more likelyhood that the skin that gets printed afterwards will touch some of the infill rather than just finishing in mid-air.

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Did you notice any retrograde motion during the print?

While the finish is astounding, those odd movements appear to be underneath the surface layer. Just wondering if you noticed any odd jerking while it was printing the inner walls of the knurled handle.


I think the effect is from from the infill. I didn't see anything untoward during the print.



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