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Cura 2.5 please fix the annoying Combing grinding and rumbling

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We've all heard it...the rumbling and grinding sound as Cura's default settings (Combing Mode All) mashes the nozzle against the print, making the print bed bounce and just, generally, not good


Can you guys please, please fix this? It's so annoying.

I find myself using Simplify3D more and more as Cura does things like this.

If I set Combing to Off, I get an awful finish.

Please don't tell me I need to set z-hop or any other crazy things.

Honestly, Cura on default settings shouldn't perform so badly.

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If you follow my suggestions to getting your parts to stick like hell the rumbling can be ignored but if it really bugs you then you can indeed get rid of it.

If it's the same rumbling I have experienced, then it's caused by bad quality infill. The strings of infill break and build up in some spots but not others. It's also mainly caused by underextrusion of the infill. Cura 2.X by default prints infill faster. Usually too fast. So change the infill speed to be the same as the default printing speed. Also sometimes the line width on the infill is smaller than the nozzle. I recommend you set that back up to be the same as nozzle width. Or at least very close (I had a .4mm infill with a .8mm nozzle once - not very strong infill).

Or just get rid of infill. I find it's less necessary than you might think. Or try that really cool gradual infill feature where it does less infill in the more open areas of the print. That really speeds things up significantly without hurting strength (usually). But you really have to tweak it quite a bit (the two numbers that affect the variable infill amounts).

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