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With solid infill top/bottom enabled, getting infill on sloped sides

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Setup: Cura, Overlord Pro delta printer.

Does anyone know if it's possible to control the slope angle at which a wall is considered a top or bottom?

I'm printing, with 0% fill density: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:853358

And with 'Sold infill top/bottom' enabled in Expert settings, I'm seeing yellow infill in layer view, on some but not all of the sloped walls:


This infill does indeed get printed, and spoils the look of the affected edges as I'm printing in translucent PLA.

Printing with top/bottom infill disabled, prints a great looking model, but then a very small area on the very tip of the cat's head (1mmx2mm), and the whole bottom, are left open.

So I think what I probably need is to be able to adjust something similar to 'overhang angle for support (deg)' but for top/bottom infill?



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It still happens with the master branch. Personally, I think we should allow the skin shrink to be able to reduce skins that are narrow to nothing. I believe that would solve this problem. Obviously, if the skin slope is shallow, gaps could appear.

As an experiment, I modified CuraEngine to allow the skins to be shrunk to nothing and here's what the cat's insides look like:


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Thanks for the replies. I did actually manage to get Cura 2.5 working with my printer (technically not supported but now that Delta printing is back in Cura, it just worked).

And I got a good result with that by carefully choosing the number of top and bottom layers until there were none on the sloped sides. This allowed a print with nice clear sides and also no hole in the top.

The top is a bit thin, it'd be better with an extra layer or two, but then there'd be the extra material appearing on the sides.

Not sure if I understand the issue quite correctly but it seemed like a setting similar to Support Overhang Angle, but in the 'Shell > Top/Bottom Thickness' section (maybe it'd need one each for top/bottom) would be a way to tweak this for a given model?

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