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Different gcode files [CuraEngine/Cura]

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Hello everyone, I am facing an issue when I generate a gcode from GUI and then from command line the output file is different. (I am new to this so pardon the formatting if its not correct.)

Ultimaker2 Printer is selected in my Cura GUI

from the log I found this command being passed


2017-06-06 16:31:40,883 - DEBUG - .../UM/Backend/Backend.py (_backendLog [88]): [backend] Calling engine with: ['/opt/cura/bin/CuraEngine', 'connect', '', '-j', '/opt/cura/share/cura/resources/definitions/fdmprinter.def.json', '']


Which is followed by a various settings.

If I run the following command from the command line


./CuraEngine slice -v -j /opt/cura/share/cura/resources/definitions/fdmprinter.def.json -o /home/xyz/Desktop/gcodes/command_line_pause-start_100.gcode -l /home/xyz/Downloads/pigrrl-2-raspberry-pi-game-console-by-adafruit/pause-start.stl


I get very different results...

but if I pass this command


./CuraEngine slice -v -j /opt/cura/share/cura/resources/definitions/ultimaker2.def.json -o /home/xyz/Desktop/gcodes/command_line_pause-start_100.gcode -l /home/xyz/Downloads/pigrrl-2-raspberry-pi-game-console-by-adafruit/pause-start.stl


the gcode files are quite same, although there are minor variations (2k-3k lines of gcode)

So what could be causing the issue ?

Also am I doing it correctly ?

I also plan to pass custom settings from command line but I don't know how, is that done by appending

-s to the command or do I need another json file ?


  • CuraEngine Version : 2.3.1
  • OS : Ubuntu 14.04
  • Cura Version: 2.3.1



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I did not succeed so far in retrieving identical information from the Cura windows application and CuraEngine and would appreciate some help.

I using CuraEngine 2.4.0 (git clone https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine.git && git checkout 2.4.0).

And the windows version 2.4.0 from Cura.

I use the CuraEngine to retrieve slicing information like print time and amount of filament used for .stl files.

I copied the definition files from C:\Program Files\Cura 2.4\resources\definitions and C:\Program Files\Cura 2.4\resources\extruders to the directory /var/tmp/curadef to be used by CuraEngine.

I copied the settings from the cura.log file (...\AppData\Local\cura).

I used the printer definition fdmprinter.def.json (as in the connect line in cura.log)

In the Cura windows application I selected a custom FDM printer with default values

Are all settings in the cura.log and the printer files?

What settings am I missing?

How can I find those settings from the Cura windows app?

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