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Recognizing a pot to printer located in base?

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I am very new with 3d printing and ultimaker printers so realy need some help. I am working on a school project about medical scaffold tissues requiring 3d printing production by  Ultimake 2+. I would like to learn if can make as if a glass or pot is centered in base and extruder get recognized it and moves without touching\hitting the glass at  base. Main product will be manufacured in this pot due to obtain  sterilized part. Therefore printer must perceive pot as its base. I tried to locate main product in the pot using Cura 2.5 but they can not be interacted and automatically seperated by program. If can be done with it i can continue Gcodes after pot printing and hope program recognize it during the rest of the Gcodes running.  I realy need every help and idea that brings me to solution. To give a idea what i need you can get this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1PkVACIEU0.

Thank you much trying to help in advance.

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Just make sure you slice your part such that the part is located in this region.  Also look at the gcodes -- especially the first few dozen - and the last few at the end - and make sure they stay within your printable area.

Appreciated for response.In additon, i need to adjust height tolerance due to pot wall thickness.There will be difference at vertical axis from printer base and pot ceiling.Extruder must be act like pot ceiling is base level as well.Do you have any idea how i can fix it?

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I really don't understand. I think I need a drawing. But it sounds like you want to do something unusual with the Z height. where it starts printing. I recommend reading about the G92 gcode. For example inserting:

G0 Z10

G92 Z0

Will tell the printer to move the head 10mm above the print surface but then G92 Z0 tells the printer that you are now at z=0 so it will start printing from that height from now on. You can write a plugin or just edit the gcode to insert these or similar commands right after homing (e.g. G28 Z0 homes the Z axis).

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