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What would make the build plate go up and down endlessly during active leveling?

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I was changing out the glass plates between prints today and noticed that during the active leveling it would tell me I had a discrepancy. Usually it is just cleaning the nozzle well that does it. But it would then go up and down endlesssly on the first contact test. Even did the manual leveling a couple of times in between.

I eventually got the thing to work, then changed the model a bit and started over and it did the same thing. Both times I had to power off and on. I did the manual leveling to make sure it did not get whammied during the glass changing process. Each time it would either give me a discrepancy error or just cycle up and down after a couple of attempts.

Latest firmware updated a week ago and using Cura 2.6. But this is before loading a model. Models are printing fine once I get the plate to level out.

Usually when I do a manual level, it all works fine though. It really got finicky today.

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Not clean nozzle, electronical signal interference, etc.

Manual leveling doesn't use the sensor at all, so it makes sense that that does work.

Cleaned the heck out of the nozzles. But during the up n' down cycles, it was just going up and down, so I am going with the interference.

Of course, with the social situation in 'Murica right now, who knows who was snooping LOL

I can see it now:

"He never leaves his basement....his electricity is high....he MUST be up to something nefarious!!" LOL

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Put your cell phone and wireless devices far away: they may generate very high levels of noise.

Try making a well-grounded faraday cage around your printer, in shiny copper gauze, or so... :-)

But then, if the interference would come from within the printer (e.g. stepper motor noise that is coupled to and radiates from the aluminum build plate), it wouldn't help of course.

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