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sliding layers

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Posted · sliding layers


I left a long print (24 hours) to finish on the weekend. When i got back to my printer i saw tha parts started pronting at one point then "slid" sideways and finished the print perfectly.

the parts are obviously of no use because of the "sliding"...

What could have caused it?

See attached images.

Thanks :(




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Posted · sliding layers

Hi, this shifting layers issue is fairly common in 3d peinting, and can have several different causes.

Depending on what printer you have and what electronics are used, it could be a current setting on your stepper drivers... Too low current, and the stepper motors may not have enough force to do its moves, thus it will skip steps. Too high of a current setting will make stepper drivers (and motors) hot, which will also cause skipped steps...

However, since you only have a single shifted layer, I think maybe your problem is more of a mechanical nature, and maybe once during the print either a belt or pulley slipped. Check the tightness of all grub screws on all your pulleys, and check belt tension.

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Posted · sliding layers

It's almost certainly a loose pulley. I have explained this to at least 100 people now and they are skeptical but... it's almost always a loose pulley. First step is to determine if it's the X versus the Y axis that slipped. Now that the print is removed that's a little tricky - you need to remember the orientation.

If this is a UM2 or UMO then there are 6 (some cases 5) but definitely NOT 4 pulleys that need to be tightened. There are set screws on each one. Tighten the hell out of those. So hard you are scared you might break something. In particular it's usually the pulley on the stepper motor or the other one on that short belt. By far it's a short belt pulley - much more likely than the 4 long belt pulleys.

If you don't believe me mark the shaft and pulley of the motor with a sharpie and the other 5 pulleys and you will see that one of them slipped.

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