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usb printing - first layer weirdness

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I am trying to print to my Anet A8 via Cura USB (2.7.0) but I am getting strange results on the first layer. If I save the file and print from memory card it is 100% Apart from the first layer the rest of the print is ok. The results dont seem to change much if I use brim or not.


Any suggestions would be welcome.




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It seems to be getting random read errors on your card. I've seen this before. Occasionally an X or Y value is set to zero or 1 meter or something and the head moves up to the edge of the build.

It can be caused by:

10 dust/dirt where memory card touches the contacts. This has happened to me and I fixed with a vacuum cleaner and some q-tips with alcohol.

2) bad memory card - try a different one

3) cable cross talk. Try moving the ribbon cables farther from each other and farther from any other electric signals. Just a few mm farther is enough.

#2 is the easiest to test for. #1 is the most likely.

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I am still battling with this, I installed RepetierHost 1.0.5 and that prints fine via usb but  I always get a weird first layer with Cura 2.7.0 via USB


Most likely your printer does some additional steps, if the print is started from the sdcard (homing, bed leveling? whatever...). I doubt that this can be changed with a specific setting in Cura. But perhaps it's possible with a suitable start gcode script. Is the printer definition for Cura made by yourself? Can you ask the manufacturer of the printer?

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