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UM2: Brim adheres but first layer doesn't

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I had been using UM2 without issue for a few months.

However a problem has developed where:


  1. The Brim always prints really nicely and adheres to the plate very well (actually it is hard to remove);
  2. But the first layer does not adhere to the plate. Instead it then accumulates onto the hot end as the extruder passes back over the material. So all I get are blobs of plastic mess where the actual layers are meant to be.


I always clean the plate and apply the glue stick before a print.

I have re-leveled the bed.

I am at a loss as how to get this machine to print anything now.

Any advice or help?

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Two possibilities come to mind.

1. You have chosen a very thin first layer in Cura.

Check that your first layer is 0.3 mm.

2. The bed is level but at the wrong height. Personally I find that the calibration card Ultimaker supply is too thick. I always need to have the bed leveled closer than this to get a good first layer.

I once obtained a "Leveling Rings" gcode file that someone made for leveling the bed. This works very well.

Link here: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/6951-calibration-utility-leveling-ringsgcode

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Hi prb4,

Thank you for your post and advice.

I have the first layer set to 0.3mm. I also tried setting it to 0.4mm but it didn't make a difference.

I tried leveling a few times - using a sheet of paper as the calibration card has been lost. Would you suggest getting the bed leveled closer still?

I will try the "Leveling Rings" gcode when I get back to the office where the printer is. Thanks for the link!


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