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Ultimaker 2 upgraded firmware from 2.6.2 to 3.0.3

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I just downloaded Cura 3 this morning and ran the firmware update on my Ultimaker 2. Hooray, it didn't tell me the firmware update failed halfway through (even though it always appeared to succeed with the previous versions).

Anyway, when I check the version on my Ultimater, it still says 2.6.2 on the Version tab.

Does anyone else experience this?

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It seems it is a bit different for various users for quite some time. While some users do not experience any problems, others get an error message but it works while a third group can't get it updated.

Usually a simple way to improve communication over USB is to take a short cable.

disclaimer: the above statement is not based on solid statistics but rather from feedbacks I got over the last few months.

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My main point wasn't that fireware upgrade said it failed (when it hadn't). I HAVE experienced that in the past. This firmware upgrade went swimmingly. However, on the printer itself, if I go into the Version area of the Advanced Settings, it still says 2.6.2 on my printer itself, post upgrade; I believe it should say 3.0.3.

My question is, is my printer on the upgraded firmware or did the UI do some weirdness where it looked like it was doing something only to then not actually upgrade the firmware.

I feel like I'm in flux. I'm fairly certain the upgrade worked but maybe there is a bug in updating the menus on the printer itself? Dunno.

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