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Ultimaker3 CPE Quality questions

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I recently purchased my first roll of Ultimaker CPE. I previously used PLA, PVA & Nylon with success, but I am not completely satisfied with the results using CPE. When using PLA and Nylon I found that the default Cura settings worked great. But using CPE there appears to be an minor issue with stringing / oozing / blobs, as you can see from the attached image. 


Can anyone offer advice?

Do the Cura settings need to be tweaked or is it something mechanical.


The printer is only a couple of months old and has seen very little use so I doubt that it is mechanical.


Thanks in advance for the help.





CPE mid print.JPG

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I haven't used CPE, but some PET I tried from a different brand, also had similar oozing and blobbing characteristics. These blobs came about due to the material sticking to the nozzle, accumulating, and then sagging onto the print. This caused brown blobs, and strings and hairs as the nozzle ran through it. Molten PLA is more like yoghurt, while that particualr PET was more sticky like halfway between honey and bubble-gum. Printing slower and cooler helped (caused less accumulation on the nozzle), but did not eliminate it.


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Thanks for the advice. I reduced the printing temperature from 245° to 240° and that appears to have helped reduce the stringing. I will attempt a few more prints to determine the extent of that change. I am also noticing that the CPE doesn't stick as well to the glass plate as Nylon or PLA. I am going to try the Ultimaker Adhesive Sheets to see if this helps.

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