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Material always stops extruding

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Halo the community,


I am on an urgent job and i am trying to print PLA or ABS with my Ultimaker 2+. The problem is that, after a certain time the material stops extruding because a hole has been digged in the filament as shown on the attached picture. Most of the time the material even gets break inside the tube.  I have tried changing the thightening in the feeder setting it on the two extremes but the result is same. 


can some one advice, please.


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I moved your topic as it was in the french section.


The grinding you are experiencing might have multiple causes, from clogged nozzle to bad teflon, or bad filament.


What brand is it?


Is the printer old? How many hours?


What speed and temperature are you using?


As i said, many causes...

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I'm sorry to reply this late.

- I use an Ultimaker 2+,

- It is approximately 20 months old,

-  It ha 1240 hrs and 07 min of functioning

- With 664 hrs and 58 min of printing time.


I print PLA files at around 191 - 196°C  with a print speed of approximately  3  mm/s  to 5 mm/s for the model whose picture is attached. It is a gear with 5 mm OD, 10 teeths, and 5 mm height. 

5 mm gear.PNG

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