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What is the expected lifespan of the TFN Coupler from 3D Solex?

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I have question about the expected lifespan of the TFN PTFE Coupler UM2/+ produced by 3D Solex.  Some of the online stores which sell this product are stating the lifespan is quite long, but my experience has been quite the opposite so far.  I'm seeing serious under extrusion issues after about 250 to 300 hours of PLA printing at 210 degrees.  Replacing the coupler resolves the issue.


Is this about the expected lifespan of the product or are there certain things I should be doing to increase its lifespan?


I have an Ultimaker 2Go and I print with several types of PLA including Ultimaker, MeltInk, Matter Hackers Pro, and a little bit of the Poly Max Plus.



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So there are 4 types of teflon that I know about:

UM PTFE coupler

UM PTFE glass filled

3dsolex TFT 

UM TFM coupler (same as 3dsolex TFT)

3dsolex TFN


disclaimer: I sell 3dsolex products in my store (thegr5store.com) so I might be biased.  For USA only.


So These products are displayed in order of when they were made available for sale.  As you go down I thought the products were always getting better.  Now I'm not so sure.  Now I suspect that the TFT part is better than the TFN.  I'm not certain.  Both are much better than the older PTFE.  Much better.  But even though the specifications are better for the TFN, it seems like the TFT lasts longer.  So I no longer offer the TFN and I'm out of TFT for now.


So I recommend you get the TFM from fbrc8.com at this point.  It's much better than the PTFE part but does not last forever and is considered a consumable.  Because UM considers it a consumable aparently they offer it at a very good price.  I don't understand the logic but it's good for us users of the product.


The only way I know to increase it's lifespan is to print at cooler temps.  But you are already at 210.  There is also the i2k from 3dsolex but I don't recommend that either unless you want to print at >240C day in and out.


You can also upgrade your feeder.  For $19 you can get the meduza kit from my store.  This will almost double your extruding power (assuming you still have the black feeder.  And let you ignore the degrading teflon a bit longer.


NEVER BUY THE UM PTFE COUPLER.  It's just not a good product and I'm not sure why it's still for sale.


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