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Core 2 down while only printing with Core 1

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Hi !


Strange problem: I'm printing several large pieces without any support, using only printcore 1 in Blue Ultimaker CPE, but the UM3 sometimes begins the print by lowering core 2, which ruins the print...


Q1: why ?

Q2: can it damaged itself in the process ?

Q3: I now flick the lever by hand when I see this happening... Am I allowed to do that ? Does it confuse the printer ?


Any help appreciated :)

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It may be that it's trying to do the skirt with both materials. Are you printing with a skirt? If you turn off the skirt, does it still try to start with Print Core 2?

Or is this happening during the leveling process? It should active level both Cores.


The printer should know which Core is down at any point in time by homing and going to the switching bay before any activities where it matters which Core is in the "active" position. 


To be safe, you might want to go ahead and calibrate the lifting switch: 


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Thanks for the reply.


I calibrated the lever too be on the safe side, and am now printing with a skirt and core2 in the correct position for now...


I will keep you informed if the problem happens again :)


But why in hell would it try to print the skirt with both materials as you suggested ???

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9 hours ago, PeeWee3D said:

It just did it again while printing the calibration XY test ! :(

This would happen to me periodically until I made a change. Now, I do not remember the change since I have been recycling working project files. I know that is not much help to you, but if you post a project file, someone or myself can look at it to see why it is trying to use the second core even though you may not be using it.


But, on the X,Y calibration, it will outline both materials as a priming function since it is going to use both cores to calibrate each other with. Or, I may be misunderstanding (Highly possible) and as @fbrc8-erin suggests, a vid would be helpful. But at all times, when using both cores for anything, it will do an outline for the secondary nozzle.


Secondary nozzle would be if you use a PVA brim, that goes down first along with the support layer foundation. Core 1 becomes the secondary nozzle as it is not the first used. And, it will outline everything it needs to so that it ensures proper priming. At least that is what I have extrapolated.


But if printing with just core 1, I used to get core 2 doing some sort of blob and initial priming. I just cannot remember what I did to alleviate that.

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