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Cura won't start under Windows 8 (Surface Pro)

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Hi there,

I just tried to install cura on my new Surface Pro, but it gets stuck at the splash Screen.

I tried to install 13.04, which just gets stuck at the splash Screen without any notification why and I also tried the new 13.06.2 which gives me the error: pythonw.exe does not react anymore. Has this error something to do with Windows 8 ore the Surface? I don't think that it is because of the grafics Card. The Surface pro got the HD4000 from Intel... Is there someone with the same Problem or knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advance! :)


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I'm running Imacs at home and one is dedicated to 3D programs with Bootcamp. When I installed an official Windows 8 distribution, I got the same problems like you mentioned. But even SolidWorks Professional couldn't install properly, so I "downgraded" to Windows 7 Pro. One stop installation : Win7, Solidworks Pro, 123D design, 123D Catch and -make, Cura including the last version 13.06.02, Kisslicer, and DraftSight.

A few weeks ago I build my Ultimaker at Protospace and that same weekend I got an offer for an Acer laptop with Windows 8. Same installation problems with SW. That bothered me, because there are very few people installing these kind of programs on a cheap laptop with Win 8, no proper solutions on the internet:-)

This laptop is only to be used with the Ulti, my win7 already installed on 3 computers, so I decided to try Win8 and find out what was happening. I kicked out everything I didn't need for the printer. Only disabeling keeps resources down, so de-installing is the only way. No office, no win explorer (chrome, but only for quick downloads) No automatic wifi, BT, all the programs using automatic wifi traffic, no preinstalled backup and restore actions, no virusscanners and malware programs. I only accept automatic checks from SW for my license and 123D design to download modules. Upgrading only allowing by hand.

She works clean and fast like a whistle, I just have 4Gb internal memory, 2,4 Gb free while using windows only. From here on I installed all the items again. The most problems came back after I installed AVG antivirus, ( Cura 13.6.2 goes bananas), the same with Kaspersky (somebody else had the same problem with Kaspersky) 123D design seems to work fine, but exporting the STL file goes 1:3 wrong. And most of the time you'll discover it to late. (using the old file or something like that) Disabling automatic updates, virusscans, the weather report and news flashes on your win8 desktop seems to solve the problem. Avast gives none of the hickups. I do not have an OpenGl video card on the Imac or the Acer. My computer at work does, but I think the huge amount of videomemory and the OpenGlcard does the trick, however, 2 of our Win8 pc's are downgraded to Win7Pro too, due to unacceptable behaviour.

Imho Win8 is the troublemaker, drivers and OS, but it's too dangerous and inconveniant to work with such a minimum of protection and comfort like automatic stuff your computer normally does.

(update/edit with full editor: 20-06-2013 01:11 CEST)


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@12much - weird, that's what I'm using too, and I'm not seeing problems. Java shouldn't affect it - it's a javascript program, which is totally unrelated to Java. (But, wearing my day-job hat as an Internet Security consultant, I definitely recommend keeping up with Java updates, yes, as there have been a bunch of Java-related security exploits lately).


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