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UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

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You need to enable dev mode and access the machine using ssh root@yourprinterIP and the password is ultimaker


then using sendgcode you can send the gcode you want like “sendgcode G1 E10 F300” (where E is 10mm and F300 is the speed


Ofc the hard part is to change the esteps of the um3 since editing the json file can very easily Brick the printer if one comma or dot is misplaced 

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18 minutes ago, rebekah_harper said:

I am going to need a little more help. 


I thought that I could do it through putty but it's not recognising the commands


I did try through browser but that didn't seem to get me any where 




Rebekah Anderson


Try to send other gcodes like G28 Z0 to home Z


if the E moves doesn’t do anything is probably because it has a minimum temperature protection. If um3 marlin allows it you should be able to send a M302 to allow Extruder movement when the tools are below 170C

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Oh wait I see. Maybe the changed something on new firmwares (I don’t have a um3 anymore since well, long history)


you should be able to move to Griffin and there should be a sendgcode.py the. You can do python sendgcode (or something like that? To run the python, then ince inside sendgcode program you just send gcode directly to the marlin like a pronterface

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