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Cura 3.3 slicing delay

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I was hoping with the improvements to the slicer with 3.3 that the slicing delay would have been fixed, but there is  still a 6 second delay between when i hit the slice button till when it actually starts slicing, even when I turn on automatic slicing there is a 6 second delay before cura actually starts to slice. Why is that? We run a 3D printing business that focuses on education, and everytime im teaching someone how to slice, they always hit the slice button multiple times because of that delay thinking it is not working, and every single time i have to explain to them that there is a delay before anything happens, which is very annoying to experience let alone having to explain to customers, every single time.

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Can you look at your system resources and confirm that the Cura process isn't doing anything for 6 seconds after you click 'Slice', and that it delays a consistent 6-seconds no matter the size/complexity of the model?  When I click on the 'slice' button there is a delay on my PC too (it's much less than 6 seconds but it is perceivable), but I believe what's happening is that Cura is checking for supports and performing sanity checks to see if the model can in fact be sliced at all, and once these checks are passed then the actual slice occurs.  My evidence for this is that with a simple cube I experience a delay of well under a second, but if I try to slice a hugely complex model it can take 3-4 seconds before it actually begins slicing.

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Thanks for the reply, when I load in a small square that 6 second delay is consistent. I did watch my resource monitor while slicing and cura does seem to start working as soon as I hit the button, so I'd guess you are right that it is doing those checks first. I would like to suggest that the cura team change the way that progress bar updates, as soon as you click the slice button that progress bar should start till fill a bit while doing these pre checks just to provide visual confirmation to the user that it is actually working.

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I'm noticing something something "kind of" similar.  When I load a model and chose my settings, I see the "Ready to Slice" and "Slice" happen...but sometimes the Save to File stays greyed out.  If I select something else, say Add Support, that prompts Cura to Slice again and give me the blue Save to File.  


It's done it to me three times today but when I try to repeat the issue with a new model, it goes back to working fine.  



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I normally don't see this 6 second delay but while testing something today I used a Custom FDM Printer and, lo and behold, when I press the slice button it would do nothing for about 6 seconds and then do the slice. So could it be due to the fact that custom.def.json contains this:


            "0": "custom_extruder_1",
            "1": "custom_extruder_2",
            "2": "custom_extruder_3",
            "3": "custom_extruder_4",
            "4": "custom_extruder_5",
            "5": "custom_extruder_6",
            "6": "custom_extruder_7",
            "7": "custom_extruder_8"


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