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Cura not laying print flat on surface

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This one is weird.


I have had three recent prints where the first layer of the model wasn't placed flat on the bed.  All of these failures happened around layer 2 or 3 since the portions needed to support them on layer one were not printed.


I even went so far as to have Cura "Lay Flat on Bed" and it still left a side missing




Yet in Simplify 3D v4 this first layer shows the entire first layer going on.  (Support not checked on...just wanted to do a quick compare on the 1st layer)




It's just really weird.  Never had this happen before on previous builds  (running the latest)



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Is the bottom of the model actually flat? The Lay Flat algorithm in Cura isn’t all that smart, and just checks if three vertices touch the buildplate. 3 points define a plane, but the 4th may actually be slightly off that plane.


You can always use the move tool to move the model slightly down into the buildplate. This will ensure a flat bottom surface.



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It is!  That's what is most maddening about this version of Cura for me.


I've tried the move option but the auto-slicing causes great pauses (as does layer view scrolling up and down (even using the arrow keys)



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Okay well moving it down via the mouse isn't much fun.... but manually typing in 0.1 mm seemed to bring it down just enough to show the complete first layer.  


Again...weird that I run into this so many times lately!  Cura does a much better job in regards to the Start/Stop line (z seam) and I really want to see how well it does with the Polyalchemy Elixir filament.  I'll give it a shot and let you know in 13 hours!



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I've started a few threads about this.


It is one of the questions that IS NOT HAPPENING.




If there is any serious interest in fixing this, I'll gladly link to a couple relevant threads. Check out: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/22569-bed-not-detected-right-in-slicingpositioning/ but there are other issues such as "lay on bed" not working right. It is a big problem and manually positioning stuff is just part of Living with Cura.


Cool model though.

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