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Support hard to take off

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Hello everyone,


I have been using another Ultimaker 2+ as the one I am used to for a few days (I am interning in a company). 

Surprinsingly, I am having a hard time taking the support off my prints : it is very rigid and strongly attached to the print.

I am forced to used wire cutters to take it off which is something I have never needed when working with my usual Ultimaker 2+.

I use the same brand of material, and the same version of Cura. I think it might came from the nozzle size (it is a 0.8) because it is the only thing that is different from my usual printer.


Do you have any ideas about where this could come from ?


Thank you very much :)

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Thank you for your answer !


I have searched for such a setting, but the only parameters I get for the support in Cura are "generate support", "support placement" and "support overhang angle", where can I get it ?


Actually the buildplate adhesion is very hard to take off too...

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Build plate adhesion may depend on how the Ultimaker is calibrated and the use or lack of additional adhesives. What material do you use? You could try to put the build plate with print in a freezer for a little bit, usually it pops right off.


Re support; the settings you should look for is called support interface. This can be configured for X/Y and Z. You may have to enable all settings in custom to see it. 

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I use PolyPlus PLA, by Polymaker, and I usually do not have any problem. Here, I do not get into trouble to take it off the plate, but to take it off the print.


Thank you both, I will try playing with the support settings :)

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