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Mit dem S5 ABS Drucken, obere Abdeckung notwendig und welches Stützmaterial

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Hi @3D-Simon, hope you don't mind if I reply in English. My Deutsch is not so good. 

You don't really need the top cover for ABS. Not for keeping the heat in that is, we would recommend to only use it in a well ventilated room due to the fumes. 


Because of the doors, it keeps the draft out and the heat in, which according to our test is sufficient to achieve reliable results using (our) ABS. (That is what we tested, we didn't have the resources to test all available ABS). 


PVA is not great for ABS, there is some layer bonding but not as great as with PLA for example. Breakaway material works better, but this may not be ideal if you need support material inside an object, instead of on the outside. 


For your information, here is material compatibility list: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/49799-material-compatibility


Depending on your application, there may be other interesting materials to choose from. Depending if you need strength, chemical resistance or heat resistance, you may want to consider Tough PLA or Nylon.


Out of curiosity, what are other details are important for you? Replacing an expensive Stratasys machine for an accessible Ultimaker sounds exactly what we think we can offer to many professional businesses. I would be interested to learn which other specifications are important for you to determine if it would be a good decision. 


Looking forward hearing from you! 

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Hi SandervG,


will there be a support metarial for ABS in the near future? some competitors use hips filament.


actually we use ABS because our products are made of ABS via plastic injection molding.

In my opinion we don´t need that for 99% of out prototypes.

Main reasons to replace the stratasys printer was the expensive filament ,the higher price of the successor series F123 and at least the expensive fixing cost (replacement cost of a print head was <2000€)



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Das Breakaway Stützmaterial von Ultimaker ist mit Ultimaker ABS kompatibel. Der S5 kann auch HIPS drucken, einfach 2.85mm im Durchmesser muss es sein. Am Drucker muss dann einfach ein Material ausgewählt werden, dass eine ähnliche Drucktemperatur hat (z.B. PLA) und in Cura wäre ein eigenes Materialprofil anzulegen (oder ein anderes Profil einfach anzupassen). Bei einem eigenen Material reklamiert dann Cura Connect einen Material-Mismatch, der sich manuell übersteuern lässt.

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Sorry for responding in English again. 

We don't have HIPS in our own portfolio because of the chemicals required to dissolve it. Some research also showed these may affect the ABS negatively even. That is why we prefer to recommend Breakaway material if possible. 

But like @Dim3nsioneer says, we have an open filament system, which means you can just use HIPS even if we don't offer it ourselves. The Ultimaker can still use it. We've actually recently announced partnership with some large chemical partners , so you should expect a large expansion of supported engineering materials soon! 

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