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S5 Issues - Print Pause Blobs mid print

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Posted · S5 Issues - Print Pause Blobs mid print

Hi UM Team, I have a brand new S5 that has been commissioned this week. 

- Latest Firmware Installed

- UM Tough PLA in Print Core 1 using 0.4AA 

- UM PVA  in Print Core 2 using 0.4BB


Three main issues I would love your help with: 

1.0 Print Head Pause Blobs 

The printer seems to be pausing mid print and continuing to deposit a blob of plastic whilst paused before moving on to continue with print. It is even doing this pause/blob deposit during XY Head Calibration sequence. (see large black PLA blob in forground right and clear PVA blob in back zone of the Y calibration grid. 



On an actual printed part you can see the pause blob has returned part way through print raft support layer (bottom arrow) and then again 3/4 way through the print (see top arrow) 



2.0 Auto leveling Sequence 

It never seems to fail on XY Calibration when it does the array probe sequence but before prints the printer will get to almost the end of the pre-print probe sequence and then give an Auto Level Fail notification. Then when I simply hit retry it more often then not gets through the test probe sequence and successfully prints? 


3.0 UI Glitchy, Freezes, Non responsive 

I have noticed that the UI sometimes hangs between screens, sometimes does enable action buttons to be blue ready for input (the sit on screen in grey passive mode for a while) and when you press the up and down arrows on XY Calibrate the software will beep to recognize the input but NO action is transferred to the bed level adjustment drive? 


Any help on fixing these issues would be greatly appreciated.  



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Posted · S5 Issues - Print Pause Blobs mid print

I suspect the usb cable that communicates between the two computers.  I'm thinking that the arduino is getting errors and asking the linux box to resend the gcodes thousands of times until finally a proper gcode gets through.  You should dump the logs and post them to your reseller but I suspect you will have to return this printer to have it repaired.


There's a menu option on the S5 to dump the logs to a flash drive.  Then you can look at the logs or just email them to your reseller.

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