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mesh union not doing its thing?

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hi folks, not done anything but zbrushing in a while with multiple objects and now ive done some supports for my lithopanes in 3dsmax and attached all elements, but when i print them it deletes where they intersect? everything is checked in the menu, do i need to uncheck something? union is checked and all that?



Screenshot (231).png

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never mind, just dirty stl files from here.....for all lithopane fans.




thats the price you pay when you get stuff free on the net! weird geometry that cura doesn't know what to do with. luckily cura has no problem with files from zbrush and max! 


i found a bit of white pla, but blue looks cooler me thinks.

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My little trick when I get a file like this is to take it into 3D Coat and voxelize it. Then join everything and out put again. Voxels are so much easier to deal with and the program is fairly forgiving on bad geometry. Not always, but usually.

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I dont know 3dcoat. Almost installed it, for retopo right? 


The alternative would be to dynamesh it in zbrush and spit it out again. Im guessing its essentially the same thing. 


Taking a load of crap polys and essentially wrapping them i good polys fixing any internal turbulence. The tightness of the wrap equates to higher accuracy and higher polycount on the new version.


The edges are the problem i think. The model is not closed somehow. when the image is flat the TOP AND BOTTOM is red, suggesting seriously weird business i've never seen before. 


BUT....it does print ok as you've seen. Even though one came out way thicker than the other? Could have been me messing around though? Its not like im going to be making loads of these though, but the blue ones do havecan eerie look to them.

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