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Where currently I can buy or order Spare Parts for an UMO+?

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I hope I'm not in the wrong subforum. Else where it would be nice to tell it to me. Well I need some spare parts for my old Ultimaker Original+. Where can I buy spare parts as far as possible?
In my case I need: a heating block, a heating element and a temperature sensor.

What's going on, is the following: About a year ago, because of a not well enough in the heating block screwed brass tube - Innoflex had leaked just above the heating block.
After screwing the screw together better, I roughly cleaned the heating block.
Probably a little too coarse, because about a month or two ago, I suddenly repeatedly blocked the brass tube. To see what was going on, I disassembled the hot end.
Unfortunately, I came up with the idea of wanting to clean the heating block a little more intensively. That was a mistake!

The heating element is stuck - apparently glued by the Innoflex - in the heating block, the temperature sensor as well. When attempting to remove the heating element for further cleaning,
the plate is broken off at one end, where the heating element is angled upwards. The temperature sensor I have the remove - for the purpose of cleaning - not at first tried.

Thus, I need spare parts for the above components.
Hence the question: is there currently the possibility, and if so, where and how to buy or order such spare parts?

Best regards,
Arne Burkandt.

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I have those parts available in the US, but, as it looks like you're located in Europe, I would definitely recommend reaching out to your reseller, as it will be a shorter shipping distance/less shipping cost to order locally.


It sounds like you need a UMO?UMO+ hot end pack, UMO+ temp sensor, and UMO+ heater for sure.

Which plate is broken? The large square aluminum plate in the printhead? 

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it's the plate at the backside of the heater. How it's to see at the photo.


I could ask the reseller, that's a good idea. I'm sadly a bit worry, because on his shop site, I found no pare parts for my UMO+.

You wrote the hot end pack, well I think it would be the best what I could order, to get the whole parts on which I do not taken apart.


As described above, the heater and the sensor are how glued in to the heater block. So a new hot end pack should be the best solution. That I agree.


To that extent, thank you for the hint. I will test it by asking the reseller per E-mail in the next hours.

Best Regards, Arne.


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