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Almost a perfect print..

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Posted · Almost a perfect print..



For a project i am printing 2 Akemake spiral speakers as shown in this article: https://3dprint.com/5188/akemake-first-3d-printed-wood-speaker/

Only difference with the article is that i am using 20% wood 80% PLA filament and not 100% wood as stated in the article (not even sure if 100% Wood is possible...) this one: https://www.123-3d.nl/123-3D-Filament-eikenhout-2-85-mm-PLA-0-5-kg-123-3D-huismerk-i1930-t12292.html (website is in Dutch but hope you get the point haha)

Because Wood filament is not the easiest to print and people suggest to use a wider nozzle I used a 0.8AA nozzle on the Ultimaker S5


This was the result!



An overall great result!


The only problem is that when a hole needs to be printed it looks like the printer skips a layer / jumps to a other spot or something like that...

This obviously isn't a super big problem that cant be fixt with some sandpaper or lac but still its a bit annoying.


I used the following settings in Cura:

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Line Width: 0.75m

Wall Line Count: 2

Top and Bottom layers: 5

Infill %: 20%

Infill Pattern: Gyroid

Print Speed: 25mm/s

Print Jerk: 25mm/s

Printing Temp.: 210C

Build Plate Temp.: 60C

Z hop retract: on at 2mm

Combing mode: On

NO Support


Hopefully someone can help me!




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    Posted · Almost a perfect print..

    Nice print. Let us know how it sounds when finished.


    Out of curiosity: what is the purpose of the snake-house shape (NL: slakkenhuis vorm)? What does it do to the sound, compared to a traditional speaker in a square box?


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    Posted · Almost a perfect print..

    Second halve is being printed right now!


    the shape of the speaker is a replica of the B&W nautilus speaker https://www.bowers-wilkins.nl/Luidsprekers/Home_audio/Nautilus (Hope people can translate the page haha)

    These where claimed to be one of the best speakers with a price tag of $60.000 new.

    The real "science" behind the shape is a mystery for me as well as I am not an expert on sound, but the fact that a team of expert took 5 years to design the speaker in the above link and claim it to be the "best" speaker ever made gives some sort of confidence haha.


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