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Perimeter Gaps at start

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Posted · Perimeter Gaps at start

Hello folks,

I have the problem that at the beginning of each perimeter too little material is extruded. This creates gaps between the perimeters. I print Janbex Filament white PLM with 1,75mm and a printing temperature of 190°C. An Anet A6 printer is used.
more settings in Cura 3.6.0:
Filament setting. 1,77mm (measured)
Layer high 0,2mm
Speed 30mm/sec
Flow 90% (with 100% it is not better)
Nozzle size 0,4
Wall thickness 0,8mm

I have searched a lot on the Internet, but I only find problems where the gap is always present. I have no idea why the gap is only at the beginning of a new line.

What could be the problem? And how can I solve it?





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Posted · Perimeter Gaps at start

This is a pure guess but it could be your retraction settings, i.e. there is a retraction as you move from the square geometry walls to the circular geometry walls. Perhaps you extraction length is too long or your retraction prime speed is too slow. There is another setting "Retracton extra prime amount" which sounds as if it may help - I have never used it.

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