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[Cura 3.6.0] Multiple single-layer-width issues

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Posted · [Cura 3.6.0] Multiple single-layer-width issues

I'm having some problems with both slicing and printing single-layer-thick models in Cura (currently on 3.6.0 but this seems to persist throughout versions):


1. spiralized outer contour isn't actually spiralized

This one's pretty self-explanatory: with the Spiralize Outer Contour box ticked, the in-Cura preview appears as a single line with continuous z incrementation, but when loaded into my i3 Mega it prints each layer like normal.


2. unnecessary travels when not using spiralize outer contour

When preparing a single-layer-thick, closed-loop model, each layer gets one pass of filament (e.g. clockwise from the seam), then the extruder reaches the seam, applies the outer wall wipe distance, and instead of immediately going to the next Z level and starting the layer at that height, it turns back on its path (counterclockwise from the seam) and begins the next layer only after it's reached the seam from the other side.


(I'm not well-versed in sharing printing files, so let me know if anything's missing!)






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Posted · [Cura 3.6.0] Multiple single-layer-width issues

Hello @tryhardcoffee, I looked at your gcode files:


cat1 - this is definitely spiralized, the z value alters with every line segment from layer 5 upwards. Perhaps you should reduce the number of bottom layers so that it spiralizes from a lower layer?


cat2 - make sure the wall overlap compensation is enabled and set the Minimum Wall Flow to something like 20 and then it should print those walls without doing the return trip.


Hope this helps.

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