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Hi, I want to restore the default settings of the software Cura in Windows operating system. I can no longer create profiles and some settings that appeared before of quality, support, and fill did not appear when selected.

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    Find out the folder where Cura stores your profiles and other settings.  I think it's something like c:\user\everton\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.6\


    Exit cura if running, delete that folder, and restart cura.  That will act like you just did a fresh install of cura.  Cura will rebuild those folders.  To be extra safe delete the folder above also (\cura\) as I think sometimes cura will grab settings from older versions and try to copy them to the new folder.


    Alternatively rename this folder from cura to cura_old in case you want to undo and recover settings from an old cura.


    I have always had trouble with creating and storing profiles in cura so I don't.  I have had MUCH more luck with an alternate method that is just as convenient.  I always do "file" "save" and save the project in a 3mf file.  The 3mf file stores your model and all settings.  Say I printed a door hinge.  Later if I want to print something else and I think "I want the same profile as that door hinge I did last week" then I can load the 3mf file, delete the model from the print bed and add in the new STL file.


    It's no easier or harder than creating profiles in theory and in practice it just seems to work much better.  I think the person who wrote that code did a better job maybe than the person who wrote the code that loads and saves profiles.

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