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Help me understand MAXIMUM RESOLUTION setting

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Posted · Help me understand MAXIMUM RESOLUTION setting

Hello everyone, this week I made a few more tests regarding MAX resolution setting and I'm curious what does that number mean? because 0.01 is a very small number, increasing that to 0.1mm fixed my stuttering issue, on round objects printed in high speed (I think 100mm/s and up is high speed). 0.1mm is still a very small number, but with this setting all my arc's are made from ~5mm long straight segments, when I first used the MAXIMUM resolution setting I hoped that will be the MINIMUM distance between 2 X - Y points, but what I discovered is far from this.


The model I attached was exported from Fusion, to be sure the model is not the problem (I mainly exported my models on MEDIUM setting from Fusion) I manually set the resolution of the model to 0.002mm when exported from Fusion.


Than played using Cura MAXIMUM RESOLUTION Setting, a week ago I discovered that if I use 0.1mm resolution I don't have any stuttering issue , but this introduced a new problem, the round model is made from quite long ~5mm straight segments, as you can see in print #1 and #2




Print #3 still has the stuttering issue that affected all other print (4, 5, 6), but because I tried the option to print OUTER WALL FIRST, is not visible on the outside, only on the inside, but the seam on the outside wall was quite ugly on #3, this was printed using 0.01mm MAXIMUM RESOLUTION and outer wall speed of 50mm/s and inner wall speed 100mm/s


In this video you can hear the stuttering issue i'm talking about at second 16, this was a different part, but when that stuttering thing happens, the part will look like prints #4 - #5 or #6 above.


My printer has a MKS GEN 1.4 controller, I use leadscrews instead of belts and 4Amp steppers (KL17H248), I print over OctoPrint as I hate moving around with the SD card (at high speed the stuttering issue still happens when file is loaded from SD). What I don't know, is if I will buy a 32bit controller like MKS Base 1.3, will that help reduce or get rid of the stuttering issue ? I think the my 8bit controller board is not capable of receiving that many gcode lines / second, it's just my opinion, I really want to hear other opinions too.


Also, my current speed settings are 50mm/s on outer walls, 80mm/s on inner walls, I also tried inlay with 100mm/s and 120mm/s .. is this high speed ? What are you guys currently use when printing larger parts like the one I attached, which I think is a great model to be printed fast, if 100mm/s is fast to you too (when I builded this printer, the speed I hoped to be able to use when printing, was 100mm/s, I'm quite close .. but not just there yet 🙂 )




calapod v3 - curve - ultra high 0.002 deviation.stl

resolution tests 0.1mm to 0.01mm and different wall setings.jpg

calapod v3 - medium - test.gcode

calapod v3 - ultra high model and 0.01mm resolution - optimize wall order - flow 80p - test.gcode

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Posted · Help me understand MAXIMUM RESOLUTION setting

We quite recently found an issue with the maximum resolution being far too aggressive. So you're right with regards to it giving weird results.

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Posted · Help me understand MAXIMUM RESOLUTION setting

Thank you for confirming that something is weird, but theoretically, the maximum resolution will be the minimum distance between 2 points, in the gcode x / y coordonates

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