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[feature request] imprint recycling code


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Posted · [feature request] imprint recycling code

One idea just struck my mind: How about adding a feature which enables the user to place a recycling code on the printed object that's supposed to help in recycling 3d printed waste parts. It's a standard in industrial plastic products that helps in the recycling process - why not use the same for home-printed stuff?


One fact that would make this feature useless is the limitation in recycling codes for usual 3d printed polymers. But there's already a basic approach to address this issue:


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    Posted · [feature request] imprint recycling code

    I was searching for any mod, script, plugin, to do this in cura, but hasn't find anything. Is there a way to automatic include a logo based on the material?
    Like these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3191698


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    Posted · [feature request] imprint recycling code

    I think there are certain practicalities involved.

    The model would need to be altered within Cura when the user decided what material to print with.  That would mean a boolean operation to add either raised text or sunken text to a model.  What if the model was round, or printed on a raft?  How do you get the text on it?  Most people wouldn't want the text on a "show" surface.

    If you knew that a particular model would have a decent sized base then you could bring in a second model with the text and configure it as a Cutting Mesh to emboss the base of the model.  You would need a model of the text of every material you print (?).  This puts the onus on the user to add this to every Mandalorian helmet and Crystal Snake that gets printed.

    If you are talking production work, then it's a different story.  The time and effort of adding a code gets spread out and makes good sense.  There may already be a part number on the model so adding a bit more text wouldn't be as time consuming.

    As a custom modification to be added to every print??  I don't see a lot of people buying in to that.

    Either way, the tools to do this already exist in Cura.  Alternatively a program like (for instance) MS 3D Builder has the capability to add text to any surface regardless of the shape of the surface.




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