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Cura goes awal

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Project is just within boundaries of platform and Cura 13.6.4 and 13.6.2 dont want to slice it. Icon stays grey without SD or toolpathlogo.

Version 13.4 is less scrupulus and starts slicing. Everyting looks fine while printing and the only mishap is Cura trying to produce a oneliner support from 200mm lenght. No problem though. Half way through I stretched a piece of blue tape over the object and it could be fixed for yhe moment. The two thin slices tape in the wall are no problem for me.

But, almost at the end, (7-8 hours print) it relocates the printing in one direction. No collissions, belts are fine, homing without screaming belts, I was watching when it happened....anyone any idea?

Every print after this one, even with 13.4 sliced objects, is perfect, even on the same hight. I've not yet tried to print it again.

Pic's can be found here:



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1) Marlin has "software limit switches" set to 205, 205 (in x,y). If you hit one of these limits, the print will do this kind of shift so this is possible.

2) Which axis slipped? X or Y? This is very common if your pulleys slip. I would tighten all 6 pulleys for the slipping axis and mark all 6 pulleys and rods with a permanent marker so that if it slips again you can see if it was a pulley and which one. Make sure you get all 6! There are 4 pulleys on the long belts and 2 pulleys on the short belt (for each axis). These setscrews for the pulleys can get loose after many months with no trouble.

Even though there is no "noise" it happens very fast and would be impossible to spot a pulley slipping. You could hear it if you went back over the video (sound of stepper moving but with no movement of print head briefly).


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Tnxx gr5,

I've done that and none of them is altered. Good suggestion, I forgot completely I'd done that :oops: so it has to be the Marlin setting, although it seems strange it didn't happen from the start...


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Well is it possible there is a single move on that level that goes beyond 205mm? I would look at the gcode. Maybe you can search for "X 0020" or something? Maybe there is a simple search you can do to find all the moves beyond 205 easily.

I would also look at the slice-view in cura carefully and see if around that layer the print head moves beyond 205 or beyond 0 (goes negative) in X or Y. Find the farthest out move, note the layer, then look at the gcode in a text editor.

To be off by 10mm it needs a move that is 10mm beyond the end (-10 or 215).


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I was just doing that before I went to work (not a smart time to do such thing btw:-) but although an old DosBox fanatic, I'm not familiair enough with this stuff. Wondering were Daid hides the program:-)

So I decided to give it another go. Some guy from a Volvo forum was interested, but this one was totally clean (same file, same printer) Shoot me !!

I also put a strip of blue tape just before the overhang started to be printed and this one is even totally closed at that particular spot.

It is a ghostwriter :mrgreen:


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