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how does it work for you?

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Ok, so i bought it, installed it, reloaded it, upgaded it and calibrated it. Tested original printhead to see if it was the same as before (I was getting some very nice prints) and so far all back to normal. So now what about the second printhead? now it all gets a bit confusing really, what with ''don't use this version of Cura use that version'' or ''use this slicer, even though the results aren't as good'' or ''what you want to do is write your own G-code and drop it in your firmware'' Now I understand it is ''experimental'' but to me that means calibration, temp, retraction speed, wipe tower etc not here it is you get it to work!

I will say that I have spent the last few days trying different things but so far no results worth mentioning... and I don't want to cloud anyones answer with the different configurations i have already tried (maybe I didn't do it right).

So, what is the simple ''no nonsense way that has had results'' way to get this to print a two colour print?

Is there a non official but it works Ultimaker answer? Daid??

Regards to you all


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I'll be testing and building a mac version tomorrow. I did a bunch of UI changes which I have to test. (Every single UI change needs to be tested at Mac, because random shit tends to break. Which is why the test versions are usually only for Windows. Sorry)


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