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Preheating in Cura. First Heatbed, second Nozzle?

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Not good! Sometimes if you overheat pla and don't print for too long it causes a jam in the print head.

Maybe you should turn on your heatbed. Walk away and then after 10 minutes start your print.

Personally I always set the temperatures in Cura all to 0. This makes it so that Cura doesn't wait and just starts printing when you tell it to. Instead you have to set the temps manually (either with ulticontroller or with Cura printing window).


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Thank you very much for setting it in the start.gcode.

It works with one nozzle, but not with the second nozzle.

Until now, I always changed the sequence of the Mxxx in gcode, but it would be better to set it in cure before. :)

e.g. from:

M140 S50.000000

M104 T1 S210.000000

M109 T0 S215.000000

M109 T1 S210.000000


M190 S50.000000


M140 S90.000000

M190 S90.000000



M104 T1 S200.000000

M104 T0 S235.000000

M109 T1 S200.000000

M109 T0 S235.000000


Works very fine, because the two nozzles are heating at the same time, after bedheating.



Thank you for the link.


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I set this at the top of the start.gcode.

M140 S{print_bed_temperature}

M190 S{print_bed_temperature}

M104 T0 S{print_temperature}

M104 T1 S{print_temperature}

M109 T0 S{print_temperature}

M109 T1 S{print_temperature}

In cura are two different temp´s of the nozzles.

But cura set all temp´s at T0. :(

What´s wrong with the start.gcode?


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Hi, I have tried putting the above code at the end of my start code. Unfortunately it won't work for me. I am using one extruder and heat bed, and my bed takes ages to get hot, so I need for the nozzle to start heating after the bed has reached it's final temp.

With the code above, it does start heating the bed first, but after it reaches the final temp, nothing happens. The extruder does not warm up so it gets stuck there, just mantaining the bed temp.

Any suggestions, please?

Thx in advance


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Well, I have a different problem now, when I print via USB it works as expected, heating bed first, great!

However if I print with SD card, the same gcode heats bed and just stays like that forever keeping bed temp. It does not start heating the nozzle.

Anyone else having this problem or know possible cause and solution?

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