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Cura draws support next to every building

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Posted · Cura draws support next to every building



For a school project we're supposed to 3D-Print a real estate development. I've made the design in SketchUp and printed it a first time to test, the baseplate was a little thin and it wasn't the full model yet (to not waste to much time if something went wrong seeing as it's my first time printing). So now I've sliced the complete model and made the baseplate three times thicker, but now Cura adds support structures to almost every single building where as earlier it only did it where there was actual overhang.


Print 1 (which was succesful) looked like this in Cura: https://imgur.com/HXKS6Rp

Print 2 looks like this: https://imgur.com/DJP6PfE


Why does this happen?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Kind regards


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Posted · Cura draws support next to every building

Just disable support.  It looks like you don't need any for this print.


To answer your question though...  when you create a surface in sketchup and then connect them together to make solids, you are supposed to tell sketchup which side faces air and which side faces inside (solid).  If the surface is white then good.  The gray side should face inwards.  If you see any gray surfaces or walls in your model then just right click them and click "reverse faces".


Not doing this means that sketchup is confusing cura about that surfaces are inside and what surfaces are outside.  This confuses cura about where things need support.  Add to that the "support horizontal expansion" feature and you get these support "walls".


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