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Printing with PLA woodfill (0.8)

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Posted · Printing with PLA woodfill (0.8)

Dear community,


I got a question about printing with woodfill.

We own 2 different printers, the UM2+ and the UM3. On our current project we use woodfill on both our printers. The UM2+ prints how it should be, high quality with little to no mistakes (woodfill can be rough to print with). The UM3 does the opposite, it doesnt print steadily, it shows gaps, rugged walls and is just poor quality (see images attached). While in Cura i keep the same settings for both printers and just change the printer with each file (settings attached in images).


Also, i checked the files, there is nothing wrong (as the next file, with the same settings and exports prints perfectly). As seen in the images, sometimes it's really rugged, the next time it's a bit less.


We checked our printhead for the UM3, but that is as clean as it can get. The feeder works fine aswell.


Any of you have an idea what could cause this?


Kind regards,



cura settings 2.JPG

cura settings 1.JPG



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Posted · Printing with PLA woodfill (0.8)

Good morning. 


I haven't tried a 0.8 nozzle in my UM3 so don't know if that is a factor.  I would suggest matching all of the printing speeds.  I can't tell if you have wall before infill, that might help.  I'm also not sure if the line width and wall thicknesses line up.  What does the Cura layer print show you for the UM3 configuration?  Do any of these patterns show up?


Not sure if the attached thread and its link might help.




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